Absence Reporting

Systems For Absence & Lateness

At Cobden we regard good attendance as 96% and above. When attendance drops below 92% we begin our formal attendance monitoring systems. This includes communicating with parents via letters and face to face contact where possible. We employ a Family Support Lead and an Educational Welfare Officer who may be asked to visit homes where we are concerned about attendance of a child.

If your child is ill or has a medical¬†appointment then we ask you to contact school on 01509263485 from 8am on the first day of absence by telephone. If your child continues to be absent then we ask that we have a message each day. If your child’s absence is cause for concern then we will ask for evidence of any medical appointments.

We do not authorise any absence for holidays or other non-essential appointments or events. A family wedding or funeral will be granted as a single day of absence. We ask parents to fill out the Absence Request Form’s for each request (available from the office).