Bradgate Education Partnership

We are part of  Bradgate Education Partnership (BEP).

The Trust today has grown to 18 schools, which includes 1 infant school, 15 primary schools (2 of which include preschools) and 2 secondary schools (one of which includes a sixth form and also an inclusion unit).

Coben through the Bradgate Educational Partnership works in collation with other schools to improve standards of education and educational opportunities for pupils within our school and throughout Trust schools.

Bradgate Education Partnership

We are committed to developing the local educational landscape within our primary and secondary schools through our unique autonomous model. We firmly believe that through collaboration and supportive challenge we can continue to support and develop further our academy Head Teachers and our Local Advisory Boards (LAB) to manage their own academies through our unique model.

We are also registered as an academy sponsor for other schools or academies who may approach us and we aim to help them to improve their standards and performance through our supportive model of leadership and school improvement. We fully expect all schools and academies to give their expertise as well as take support from the Trust, as and when required.

Gareth Nelmes (CEO)

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